Sustainable Fashion at the Home

Today, in our world full of accessible fast-fashion shops, we are living in the age of decluttering and throwing away fashion pieces every few seasons (within the three-year timespan, I’d say). Better than other categories of upcycling, sustainable fashion has indeed attracted more attention and more investment – there are actually fashion shows that are for sustainable fashion pieces!

In today’s post, we are sharing with you three common ways that people are upcycling their fashion pieces!

  1. The Quilt

    Source: Crafty member Jodie Hickman
    Source: ClothPaperScissors
    One of the oldest upcycling ideas for fashion pieces is definitely the quilts. In literature, you often see quilt as the symbol as collective memory and something that’s been passed down from generation. Each adding a “tile” onto the piece that adds sentimental value to the upcycled item. Moreover, the jean pocket quilt actually adds functionality to the quilt too!
  2. The Tech Guy
    Source: Lil Blue Boo
    I know the tutorial above is meant to turn ties into photo album – but why not switch it up a bit by make book covers or tablet covers? Not only does it adds personal touch to your book or tablet, if you pick thicker fabric, like ties, cuodoroy or even denims, it can (sort of) protect it as well!
  3. For the House

    Source: Fabric Scissors Hook
    Source: DIY King
    This is such a wonderful home decor to be added to your house! Not only will you be able to match the color of the fabric to your house, think of the million possibilities of this technique! You can make smaller sizes as coasters, table covers, or even bed throws! Did I mention that crochet has been popular, and that you can simply throw them into the washing machine when it gets dirty? 😉

If you like this article, please give it a like and comment down below if you are down to try any of these! Until next time!

CL xx


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