A Reflection on Melbourne’s BNNM

Buy Nothing New Month (BNNM) is the global movement for collective, conscientious consumption.


Today’s post is going to reflect on Buy Nothing New Month – consuming less of the finite resources within the month of October, and to seek fantastic alternatives, turn them into trashures, and prolonging their lifespan.

Tracing back to 2011, in a poll with 10,000 respondents held by Sydney Morning Herald, over 8,000 (82%) voted “yes” on “is Buy Nothing New Month a good idea?”.

This tiny idea started in Melbourne began to spread to the Netherlands and the USA. Why? It is because we have become more conscious than ever of one of our biggest problem – we love stuff.
Yes, we love stuff too much to the extent where our love for stuff and the purchases we make are unsustainable. For a long time, we were exposed to the idea that with money and possessions come happiness. But, it is time that we try our best to tread lightly on the environmental crisis we are causing.

If Buy Nothing New is such a great idea, why don’t we do it for all year long?

The founder emphasized that it’s Buy Nothing New Month, instead of Buy Nothing New Never. Nor is it about going without.

Only in October, we should dedicate our mind and our awareness of the issue to think:

  • Do I need it?
  • If I do, can I get it at a thrift store, borrow, swap or rent it?
  • What are my alternatives? Can I make use of what’s already at home?

How did you go in the BNNM? Did you attempt to buy less of something? Let us exchange ideas on how you would do to hold yourself back from buying on impulse!



  1. This is a great initiative – I often buy things on impulse and never use them! Whether its a piece of clothing or a technology accessory I didn’t need – its such a waste! I’d love to get involved with this initiative in the future!


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