Outsmart Waste Part II

The idea of Circular Economy is vital to support the rationale behind upcycling. People like my dad who’s an accountant always asks, why would I spend $20 to buy paints or accent little decorations to “upcycle” a glass bottle instead of buying a new one from Ikea. This is where CE comes into place.


ce_au banner

Circular Economy Australia is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2010 by a group of volunteers who are passionate about bringing the vision of Circular Economy in Australia. The small team aims to educate and inform the public about CE through presentations, events and projects.

What is the Circular Economy? How is it going to solve sustainability challenges? It is indeed one of the most exciting developments – to provide a framework for society to maintain economic growth and to tackle the inherent negative environmental and social impact in the existing linear economy.

  1. The world has finite resources, but we have infinite needs/wants.
  2. CE is an alternative model for existing materials to be re-used at the same quality.
  3. CE thus attempts to dramatically reduce our dependence on new materials.
  4. By replicating an ecosphere, we are able to maintain and sustain the world’s lifespan.

If you’re a more visual person like me – check out this video from Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the UK that explains CE in less than 4 minutes:

Upcycling involves a small part of the Circular Economy, but it is quintessential that the public is able to realize and recognize the value in objects and the importance to upcycle existing materials, in order to adopt CE widely for a sustainable future.
Is circular economy the way to go? What do you think the future hold for us for a more sustainable way of living? Leave a comment down below and tell us your thoughts!


One comment

  1. Thank you for sharing with us information regarding an organization working on upcylcing!
    It is still an emerging concept I think to the world, but I agree that people should make well of use the exisiting materials they have instead of keep exploiting the resources on our lovely planet for the sake of convenience only..

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