How to Outsmart Waste?

Welcome back Upcyclers! With today’s post, we want to share with you the side of upcycling in the macro-scope! Since the discourse of sustainable living enters the mass media, various campaigns come under spotlight that aims to eradicate landfill problems and educate people the value of objects to be thrown away. How is sustainability measured? Sustainability is commonly measured by the framework of the triple bottom line (TBL or 3BL) – social, environmental and economical. It is applicable to many aspects: in community, companies or even policy-making.

TerraCycle Logo-green-vectornew

TerraCycle is a triple-bottom line company. Founded by Tom Szaky in 2001, the then 20-year-old packaged liquefied “worm poop” in used soft drink bottles and produced organic fertilizers. Till this day, TerraCycle is renowned for collecting difficult-to-recycle materials and upcycle them into affordable and innovative products. It partners with over 100 major brands in the U.S. and branches to 24 countries overseas to pass on its vision.

Most notably, TerraCycle’s Brigade program invites individuals or group to collect specific materials and in exchange for donations to a cause or school of choice. Shipping and donations are sponsored by companies related to specific Brigade. Materials collected will usually be upcycled, refurbished or recycled.
Upcycling can be hard depending on the materials that you are working with. For example, I find it easier to upcycle a mason jar than a squeezy tube (read my post on upcycling here if you haven’t already!). Companies like TerraCycle would be able to do the work for me, without sending these valuable materials to landfills or incinerators, and avoiding subsequent environmental impact.

The difference between manufacturing from raw materials or existing materials is significant: 
Source: TerraCycle

Is it available in Australia?

Check out this video about one of the Brigade programs!

I am surprised to see the variety of oral product packaging they are collecting too!
Shipping cost is free, and you can even save the environment… But what’s more, is that you can earn points with each qualified piece of waste and donate redeemed points to a charity or school of your choice!!! How awesome is that? The collective impact of all the waste is huuuuge.

Will you try TerraCycle’s service in hope to upcycle things that are hard to DIY?
Hope you’ll have a nice weekend and see you in my next post!



  1. Wow! That graph displaying the difference in carbon emissions between recycled and non recycled materials is extremely motivating to always choose products that have been reused! Awesome profile on a great company, glad I am now aware of them!

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