|10 Ways to C-upcycling X End the Cup Madness |

Greetings Sydneysiders! I hope you’re enjoying your day so far!

As a person who grew up in another country, I constantly take advantage of Sydney’s unique coffee culture and often order takeaway coffees like many others for my uni days. Today’s post is a blog collaboration with End the Cup Madness about “c-upcycling”. We both stand by our reuseable cups but there are days where I end up with paper cups from my favourite café and feel frustrated about the amount of waste I produced.

End the Cup Madness is a social campaign aiming to eradicate the “paper cup problem”, moreover, to lower people’s consumption of disposable paper cups through critical reflection on phenomenon such as the coffee culture, ocean pollution, landfills and many more. 

The best policy is to buy a reuseable coffee cup! If you ever forget, these are five genius ways to “c-upcycle” and turn them into “trashure” at home! (Tip: Make sure you clean them thoroughly before “c-upcycling” them)

  1. Make some light decorations with fairy lights!

    These are just in time for Halloween! Source: hometalk.com

2. Growing herbs

You can also do the same for juice bottles and so many more! Source: Keaton’s the Foodie

3. Any types of Scoop
I personally use it to scoop rice from the big pack at home – but you can use it as a scoop for pet food, dirt, sandpit…

4. Paper Lantern

Create a lantern to add a more futuristic modern vibe at home Source: cutoutandkeep.net

5. Tissue Holder

Great for on the go as well as a home decor! Source: Multitasking Woman

Are you up for any of the ideas above and which one will you do next? Check out five more “c-upcycling” ideas over at End the Cup Madness’ blog here

We hope you enjoyed reading this post! Please like, comment and follow us – we will be answering any questions that you may have – until next time! 🙂

CL xx



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