Meet Jennifer | an Upcycling Enthusiast

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Meet Jennifer Macfarlane, who is a registered nurse and mother of two. I was deeply intrigued by the brilliant idea that she had transformed her cupboard where the drawers were unfortunately damaged by water.

The cupboard could no longer function as a cupboard, and people commonly would throw this out. But, Jennifer who always is creative in her thinking saw the potential in it.

I don’t just slap a coat of paint on to re-sell, I aim to transform and give every piece the awe factor it deserves.

My goal is to take pieces that most people would pass by and turn them into feature objects that no one can help but want.


“I am always inspired by my kids and my own childhood and I love making things that are whimsical in nature”, Jennifer said.

The retro and vintage furniture lover decided to turn the unit into a kids’ dressing cupboard, adding functionality and personal touches to it.

upcycled cupboard 6 upcycled cupboard4
Jennifer adds a mirror and hooks for hanging up bags and accessories.

upcycled cupboard5
One of the drawers was even upcycled as a bed for her chickens!

“We live in such a “throw-away” society these days, it feels good to give new life to forgotten objects” said the upcycling enthusiast.

A big thank you to Jennifer for her dedication to the make the earth a better place, she also continues her efforts by sharing various upcycling ideas on Whimsy Woods on Facebook and Instagram.

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Until next time, we will be bringing more on board – Stay tuned!

CL xx



  1. Thank you so much for your post!
    The example is very inspiring given that most of us would have just thrown the cupboard away. To me, I prefer this kind of uncycling more as this modified the functionality of the original “rubbish”. (But I’m not saying I don’t like art pieces you shared with us before, they are all beautiful!! haha)

    After reading so many examples, I wonder if there is any government campaign or NGO promoting the importance of upcycling?

    Many thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are glad that you enjoy our post 🙂 Jennifer is truly inspirational for creating this piece! The NSW Government has a 5-year initiative on “Waste Less Recycle More” but unfortunately, it isn’t specifically on upcycling per se, moreover we often get inspired by Clean Up Australia and Planet Ark! 🙂 I will have a blog post up to explain more about it! Please stay tuned Keith!


  2. this made me want to start my own DIY projects at home! I love how she turned the damaged cupboard into into something functional. Some people would say it’s a waste of time and money but this cupboard can be used in more ways than one! Very resourceful thinking!

    Liked by 1 person

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