Sharing on SWAP | Broken earphones?

sustainable art prize 1

This week, I’m introducing to you inspiring sustainable art pieces that’s made from waste where I have seen in the SWAP exhibition two months ago. If you haven’t already, check out my last blog post here and don’t forget to comment, like and follow my blog for more!

The second piece that inspired me is this audio-visual piece that is simple, aesthetic and resonating, and has caught my eye.

Tree By Selina Springett

When I first looked at this art piece, my reaction was a sense of realization – realizing the creativity behind the artist of this piece and how she thinks out of the box. I don’t think I am the only who has not one, but possibly five pairs of earphone lying around in the house, and four of them probably don’t work anymore. Not only is this upcycling project a successful one, in terms of artistic view (although I am not an artist), the artist of the piece fully grasped how the material can be manipulated to create an illusion of real tree branches (and can I also point out that the ear buds look exactly like apples hanging off from the tree?).

The meaning behind the piece is also very educational – the tree of life provides us with the resources that we have right now, however, the artist thinks that the society is deaf of what’s beneficial to the environment. So, Springett gives a voice to the tree who has no voice, and it is interesting enough that when you plug the ear buds in, children will actually recite poems that I can’t help but reflect on what the development of society is leading us to…

Stay tuned for more from The Trashure Rev and be ready to see some faces! Also, more SWAP posts coming up 🙂  CL xx



  1. Wow, this is fantastic! I love when artists are this innovative! I love this! I have so many broken things that I always toss out, but it’s true what they say: one man’s trash is another’s treasure!

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    • #Trashure! We’re glad that you’re inspired by these amazing artists like we do too 😉 They remind us to think out of the box with what to do with broken things for sure! Thanks for connecting with us!


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