Hello world!

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to @TheTrashureRev! You’re going to find tips and tricks into finding the hidden #trashure around us in our daily lives! 🙂

The main environmental issues revolve around waste management are using resources in an unsustainable manner and the depletion of landfill sites that are unable to cater our waste in the future.

This is why TheTrashureRev aims to shed light onto the social problem of people’s mentalities in consumption – that is to make conscious purchases; and to recognize the value in the objects around us – whether it be trash or anything that you’re enjoying at the moment, that is to think smarter on ways to prolonging the lifespan of objects. When we reduce and upcycle at the same time, we are tackling the two problems mentioned above at its core.

Concept-wise, TheTrashureRev strives to bring relevant information so you guys can decide what you are able to do according to your availability and preferences. For example, Mary may find upcycling a sewing machine more viable than John upcycling a juice carton, vice versa. It is about you making your own lifestyle changes that suits you the most.

Stay tuned for more xx

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